Preparing for challenges - serving others in time of need

When times get tough, will we be selfish, or serve? That is a key question behind Joseph’s Way, a Christian ministry devoted to helping churches, families, and individuals prepare for social and economic challenges related to the national debt, natural and manmade emergencies, and more, in ways that equip them to help others. By preparing for what is ahead, we will be better able to serve others as these challenges arise.

Our vision is to see churches, families, and communities serve each other and those in need more faithfully now and in the years ahead, when the number of people in need may grow. The coming years will be challenging, but they can also be the church’s finest hour. Please join us.

“A prudent person foresees trouble and takes precautions.” Prov. 22:3

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Learn more about the ministry of Joseph's Way

Learn more about the ministry of Joseph's Way

News & Events

Recently Joseph's Way conducted a four-session workshop in Richmond, VA entitled "Your Money, Storms, and More." More information and photos »

What Joseph’s Way is all about - our approach


Joseph’s Way does not want people to assume the worst and prepare only for themselves when looking at coming challenges. Instead, we try to take a balanced approach, seeing the likelihood that we will face significant economic and physical challenges (in fact, many face those now), while we prepare to serve others as those challenges arise.

When we look at coming economic challenges, we try to use non-partisan, objective estimates about the national debt, to avoid extremism. We also do not engage in debates about which political party is more at fault for our current circumstances.

We also focus on seeing opportunities that these coming challenges will create, while equipping churches and families to seize those opportunities for God’s glory and the spread of gospel.

And above all, we begin with spiritual preparation, which will help us whether we face personal challenges or national ones, large or small. Spiritual preparation has value in this life, and the life to come (1 Tim 4:8).

Three areas of preparation

Social and economic challenges related to the national debt:  We don’t know exactly how much the national debt will affect our economy but it will be significant.   We will likely see more people in need as many people retire with insufficient savings, the debt places an increasing drag on borrowing and our economy, while government resources are stretched even more than now.  But these challenges will also provide great opportunities for the church to help some people now helped by the government—if we prepare and respond in faith, not fear.  Please see our Workshops page to host a class covering these and other topics.

Natural and manmade emergencies:  The recent increase in natural and manmade disasters makes it wise to prepare for those events in ways that equip churches and families to help others during and after a crisis.  By preparing ahead of time, we will be much better able to help others when a crisis occurs.  See our Workshops and Emergency Preparedness pages for more information.

Legal challenges to the Christian faith:  How can churches and families prepare spiritually and financially for the effects of these challenges, in ways that glorify God and help those affected directly by them?

What people are saying about Joseph's Way workshops

"The fact that people do not feel a need for this kind of food in their spiritual diet should not silence the wise and loving shepherd. Our felt needs are about to change dramatically. Pastors will be glad if they are ahead of the curve. Otherwise, it may be too late. Coddled people will not be good listeners when their world collapses. They will be numb with confusion and rage at the God who wasn’t supposed to allow this. 'If this is the way God is, why didn’t you tell us?'"

John Piper
Spectacular Sins

“Scripture presents to us a God who is sovereign over every detail of his creation, including the catastrophes, and that God is working all things for his glory and our good. . . God already has a plan in place for the day of those events. So, if I could encourage any form of preparation before such a disaster, it would be to learn to live your life and to lead your church in the regular habit of 'God dependence.'”

Keith Collins
Pastor of Lakeview Christian Center
Hurricane Katrina Survivor

What Joseph’s Way provides

Our Workshops cover topics such as:

What can I do to prepare financially for coming economic challenges?

What are wise ways my church and family can help others in need now and later, that empower those we help and provide lasting change?

What can my church and family do to prepare for natural and manmade emergencies, to be more effective in helping people during and after a crisis?

Why is it so important to rely on God, starting now, rather than our preparations?

Articles and other Resources

An upcoming book, which will include chapters from authors such as Randy Alcorn, Joni Earekson Tada, Marvin Olasky, and Dr. Richard Pratt, on ways we can prepare spiritually, physically, and financially for what may be ahead.

In all these Resources, Joseph’s Way wants to provide:

Hope, rooted in a deeper understanding of God’s love, faithfulness, and sovereignty over our circumstances, and in his provision of a secure, eternal home

Perspective, where we learn from the past and overseas to prepare for our future

Practical guidance on ways we can prepare and serve