“The Church Must Not Rely on Shifting Political Winds to Face Our Cultural Storm”, September 2018

American churches are sometimes good at being spiritual hospitals, but often poor at training people to be good soldiers for Christ.


“How Churches and Families Can Prepare for Disasters ”, May 2013

Recent events underscore the importance of emergency preparedness.


“Rediscovering the Blessings of Christian Community in Tough Economic Times”, December 2009, republished on

This article discusses several practical ways Christians can help others (and each other) during tough economic times, and prepare for future giving by practicing wise stewardship and financial accountability. Several of the suggestions are from Amy Sherman, who has written and spoken extensively on these topics.


“Church Leaders Preparing the Church for Trying Times”

By Faith Online, August 2008, reprinted on and

This article received over 5,000 hits its first week and was one of the top 10 articles on for that week. It discusses the need for Christian leaders, such as pastors, elders and deacons, to prepare people ahead of time for upcoming challenges, while seeing those challenges as real opportunities for the spread of the gospel and growth of God’s kingdom.


“Remembering Our Heavenly Citizenship”, February 2009 :

This article discusses the needed to recapture the biblical principle that for Christians, our primary citizenship lies in heaven, not the United States. It also discusses the practical blessings that perspective should have on all of us, including making us more effective here while having our hearts set above.


“God Controls Even Our Suffering”, February 2009, reprinted on the same month:

This was one of’s top 10 articles of the month when it was first published on that website. The title is self-explanatory.




Emergency Supplies for Homes and More

Through our association with Nexis Preparedness, a premier emergency supply and emergency management company, we offer special savings on emergency kits and supplies to help prepare you, your church, and your family for a disaster. Nexis also provides emergency management consulting for Fortune 500 companies and can help churches with those needs. Contact us here for more information. and the Red Cross

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) operates to help US residents be informed, prepare and be involved in disaster response. Visit their site and see how you can prepare for a disaster.

Natural disasters

The Red Cross also has helpful information on preparing for emergencies. Their website can be seen here for information on preparing your home and family. The also offer suggestions to help senior citizens prepare for disaster

SBC Disaster Relief

SBC Disaster Relief is the third largest relief organization in the nation, behind the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Their work also includes planning and preparation information for families, churches and organizations. Their website includes helpful information for individuals, families, and churches:

Church Preparedness Manual:
Family Preparednss Manual:
How To Prepare, Connect & Respond:

PCA Disaster Relief

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) has a Disaster Response ministry, which provides resources to individuals and churches:

Samaritan’s Purse

This Christian organization provides disaster relief here and overseas:

Preparedness Peace Training Course

The following website is for a faith-based (Christian), six-session disaster preparedness course for individuals and groups. The course, called Preparedness Peace, includes practical instruction and homework that takes several hours per week to complete. The organization sponsoring this curriculum, Somebody Cares, has also prepared a manual for use by churches:


Many mainline churches, evangelical churches and other organizations collaborate during disasters through both the Red Cross and VOAD, which stands for Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster.

CERT training.

Many local, state, and federal organizations providing Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. Check with your local emergency management agency or fire department for more information.

Christian Emergency Network

CEN is a grassroots network equipping Christians to serve communities in crisis.

Earthquake Safety Guide

Find more resources and helpful details in the Earthquake Safety Guide

Books and other resources

Dr. Paul Williams, M.D., has prepared a book and accompanying workbook that provide practical instructions to prepare for several kinds of emergencies. He does this while also offering a Christian perspective. It can be ordered through the link below, or in our Books section. Other helpful books are available in bookstores and online. See the Books section for recommended resources.

When All Plans Fail, by Dr. Paul Williams, M.D.
Paperback | Workbook | Kindle

“God has sent me ahead of you to keep you and your families alive and to preserve many survivors.”

Genesis 45:7 (NLT)