Wise Ways to Help People in Need


It is likely that our National Debt will require significant reductions in government services in the coming years.  But some of those reductions will provide great opportunities for the church to help people in need–if we prepare.

In recent years, churches and other Christian organizations have been finding wise ways to help people in need, that empower those people and provide lasting change both here and overseas. Below are resources we use in our Workshops that provide practical guidance for churches, families, and others on how they can help people in need now, and in the years ahead.


The Chalmers Center

One of the organizations that has done a great deal of work in this area is The Chalmers Center, located near Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Visit their website for more information.

When Helping Hurts

Two members of the Chalmers Center, Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbet, have written an excellent book called When Helping Hurts, which provides helpful analysis and practical recommendations on wise ways churches can help people in need here and overseas, that address root problems causing problem, not just symptoms. In addition, When Helping Hurts also shows churches how to find and utilize existing talents and resources in communities needing help.  You can find a link to purchase this book in our Resources section.

Toxic Charity

Another book highlighting wise (and unwise) ways of helping others is Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help by Robert Lupton.  You can find a link to purchase this book on in our Resources section.

Center of Faith in Communities

Dr. Amy Sherman has written extensively on wise ways of charitable giving, and on ways Christians can steward their tie and resources for kingdom work.  Here is a link to the Center on Faith in Communities where these and other resources can be found:


Both WORLD Magazine and Christianity Today (CT) run stories quite regularly on creative and effective ways that Christians are helping others here and abroad.  The “This is our city” project on CT (link below) includes several such stories. As this webpage develops, we want to provide additional stories and articles to you.

Joseph’s Way’s Executive Director has also written an article on ways that biblical Christian community can bless us and others during times of economic need: