How to Prepare


Three Areas of Preparation

Joseph’s Way focuses on three areas where Christians need to prepare:

Social and economic challenges related to the National Debt:  We don’t know precisely how the Debt will affect our economy and personal lives, but it will be significant for most of us.  The National Debt is now growing more rapidly with 3 to 4 million baby boomers becoming eligible every year for federal entitlement programs (Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security), which are the leading drivers of the Debt, which will place an increasing drag on the economy and likely increase interest rates and eventually inflation.  But God is greater than these challenges. He can also equip us for the coming days in ways that strengthen our faith and bring glory to Him. Please see our Financial Preparedness page for more information, and see our Workshop page to host a class covering these and other topics.

Natural and manmade emergencies:  The recent increase in natural disasters (Katrina, Sandy, tornados and fires out West) and manmade disasters makes it wise to prepare for those events in ways that equip churches and families to help others during and after a crisis.  By preparing ahead of time, we will be much better able to help others when a crisis occurs.  See our Emergency Preparedness page for more information.

Legal challenges to the Christian faith:  Recent legal and cultural trends may pose significant challenges to churches, Christian organizations, and others supporting traditional, biblical views on various issues.  How can churches and families prepare spiritually and financially for the effects of these challenges, in ways that glorify God and help those affected directly by these challenges?

God is greater than anything we will face. With His help, we can not only face whatever comes, but do so with the strength God provides, to give hope and assistance to those in need—if we are prepared.

Resources from Joseph's Way

Joseph’s Way wants to help individual Christians, churches, and communities to prepare for and respond to the challenges discussed here by provides practical resources for teaching, preparing, and helping others through our Workshops, an upcoming book, web resources, and articles. Please join us by hosting a Workshop, giving, or joining our Network:


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