Spiritual Preparation


We often think about coming challenges and jump immediately to physical preparation—saving money, food, or supplies. But if our hearts are not open to God’s purpose in crisis, we could do the right thing (preparing) for the wrong reason (fear or selfishness). Our well-intended plans could also fail. Our faith has to rest in God, not in our preparations. And above all, we need to love God just as much during and after a crisis as we did before it. These are all reasons why spiritual preparation is so important.

“Scripture presents to us a God who is sovereign over every detail of his creation, including the catastrophes, and that God is working all things for his glory and our good... God already has a plan in place for the day of those events. So, if I could encourage any form of preparation before such a disaster, it would be to learn to live your life and to lead your church in the regular habit of 'God dependence.' Don't grow dependent on your familiar and traditional ways of doing church to the neglect of receiving from the Holy Spirit. In the day of a catastrophe the old familiar script just won't work and there aren't any good books that will have all the answers, but if your ear is tuned to God, he will lead you through the rubble!"

Keith Collins
Pastor of Lakeview Christian Center
Hurricane Katrina Survivor


The principles for spiritual preparation are covered more fully in Workshops offered by Joseph’s Way. See our Workshops page to get topic and pricing information, and to request a Workshop for your church, Sunday school class, or small group.  The topics covered include:

The importance of understanding that nothing can happen to us personally or nationally that is beyond God’s control.

Why we need to give generously to demonstrate our trust in God: our preparations could be frustrated.  Building a way of life that demonstrates dependence on the Lord will be even more important in the days ahead, when some of the things we now rely upon could be shaken.

Corporate and individual spiritual disciplines that free our time and money to help others.

Putting our challenges in perspective:  any challenge we experience may be new to us, but it is not new to God or his people, who have often grown the most (in number, and depth) during challenging times.

These topics will also be covered in an upcoming book. You can also visit our Resources section for books, articles, and other resources that can be used for personal or group study.