Our Mission

Through workshops hosted by churches, resources on this website, and an upcoming book, Joseph’s Way seeks to provide three things:

Hope, rooted in a deeper understanding of God’s love and control over our personal and national lives, even in the midst of trials, and in His provision of a secure, eternal home. We demonstrate that our hope is placed where it should be by how we spend our money–and time. Having our hope placed elsewhere frees us to serve others more generously now.

Perspective as we experience personal and national trials, by looking at the way God’s people and kingdom have grown through trials in the past, and overseas today.

Practical guidance for individuals, churches, families and communities on how to help those in economic need, and how to prepare for and respond to natural and manmade disasters (such as storms or terrorism), with a view toward helping others. We will be better able to help others in a crisis if we prepare first.

See our available resources here, or see our Workshops page to request one of those for your church, small group, or organization.

Our vision is to see churches transformed in ways that equip us to serve others more faithfully and wisely now, and in the future. By preparing, we can take advantage of opportunities to serve in the days ahead, which can be the church’s finest hour.

Upcoming Challenges

The Situation

The recent recession affected nearly all American Christians, but the long-term economic crisis we will face due to the national debt will create economic and social challenges we have not seen in many decades. It will likely lead to reductions in government services and government assisted health care (since Medicare is one of the largest and fastest growing parts of the federal budget). Those reductions could affect many people dependent upon government assistance, inside and outside the Christian community. All this comes as Americans are living longer, the number of older Americans is increasing rapidly, and many Americans have inadequate savings for retirement. Our debt could also lead to other factors (increased interest rates and inflation) that would likewise affect many of us significantly.

Our culture’s increasing hostility to Christianity may present significant legal challenges to Christians. And the continued threat of natural and manmade disasters (whether oil spills, tornados, hurricanes or terrorism) makes it wise to prepare spiritually and physically for those challenges as well.

But God is greater than anything we will face. With His help, we can not only face whatever comes, but do so with the strength God provides, to give hope and assistance to those in need – if we are prepared.

The Problem

Many American Christians have grown up in prosperity. Despite lessons learned from the recent recession, we are still unprepared for challenges we will likely face in several years. Our views of suffering and stewardship (which should include selfless giving of both time and resources) have been shaped more by our culture than scripture. Many small and mid-sized churches do not have the time to prepare teaching and other resources to adequately address these issues.

Meeting those Challenges

Joseph’s Way want to help individual Christians, churches, and communities to prepare for and respond to the challenges by provides practical resources for teaching, preparing, and helping others through the workshops, web and other resources described above. Please join us by becoming part of our Network and by Giving.

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