About Us


About Joseph’s Way

Joseph’s Way was established in early 2012 as a board-led evangelical ministry and is an approved 501c3, making all gifts to Joseph’s Way tax-deductible.

Our Name

Joseph’s Way takes it name from the life of Joseph in the Book of Genesis, who was sold into slavery by his brothers (Genesis 37), then wrongfully imprisoned for years after rejecting the advances of his master’s wife (Genesis 39). But Joseph later saw that God sovereignly ordained those hardships as part of His greater plan (Genesis 50:20), which led to Joseph becoming the second most powerful man in Egypt (Genesis 41:40).

God also used Joseph to save his family (God’s people) and his nation through years of famine by storing grain ahead of time (Genesis 41). As Joseph told his brothers: “God has sent me ahead of you to keep you and your families alive and to preserve many survivors” (Gen. 45:7 NLT). (The early Church in Acts 11:28-29 also took up a collection ahead of a famine to help poorer Christians in an upcoming time of need.)

We also need to trust in God’s love and providence in the middle of personal or national trials, and to take prudent steps to prepare for upcoming challenges with a view toward helping others, not just ourselves.

Our Board

Steve Hall is Joseph’s Way’s Executive Director. He is a graduate of the College of William & Mary, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and the University of Virginia School of Law (J.D.). Steve is an attorney who has also served as both a deacon and elder in evangelical presbyterian churches. He has more than 20 years of experience in teaching, preaching, and public speaking. Since 2008, Steve has written several articles on the challenges facing the American church and its response to those challenges. In 2012, the Board of Joseph’s Way elected Steve to serve as its Executive Director.

Joseph’s Way’s other Board members include Alan Ware, Bob Fitch, Chris Batts and Chris May.

Bob Fitch is an Elder at St. Giles Church in Richmond, Virginia. He is a professional financial planner who has served on several other Christian nonprofit boards. Bob has been a supporter of Joseph’s Way since its inception in 2012, and has helped provide financial planning assistance in our seminars. He and his wife live in Midlothian, Virginia, near Richmond, Virginia.

Chris Batts is a former member of the U.S. Marines, with a background in counterintelligence and human intelligence. Chris spent much of his military career in the special operations community. He currently works for a defense contractor in the Northern Virginia area. He also assists another nonprofit, Concilium, by providing emergency training to foreign missionaries. He is married with three children and has been a follower of Christ since 1982.

Chris May is a web designer and, along with his wife, is a member of West End Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Richmond.


The Board of Joseph’s Way (JW) has adopted bylaws and internal policies to help ensure the integrity of this ministry. That includes a conflict-of-interest and other policies designed to provide financial accountability and good stewardship. JW will join the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability (ECFA) as soon as JW is eligible.