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Economy and Personal Finance

Our National Debt and its Affect On All of Us [Crown Ministries]

Senior citizens carrying much more debt into retirement [CNN Money]

Medicare spending to increase 82 percent by 2023 due to increase in older population [CNN Money]

The wisdom of preparing for a long financial drought [Crown Ministries]

Two simple ways we can prepare financially for weeks without power []

FDIC Chairman warns that the national debt will “directly threaten our financial stability” [CNN Money]

Religious Liberty

Religious liberty Florida college tells Christian groups it must accept non-Christian leaders [Fox News]

Virginia passes a law allowing college student organizations to insist its members and leaders share the group’s beliefs [World Mag]

Orthodox Jews facing legal challenges to beliefs in NYC [Beckett Fund]

Manmade Threats to Our Safety and Infastructure

Summary of bombings in the US over the past several years [CNN]

Iran suspected in hacking of U.S. power infrastructure [CNN]

Computer hacking against US companies threatens our infrastructure [CNN Money]

Former FBI cyber cop warns about hacking against US infrastructure, including energy companies [CNN Money]

China reportedly hacks into major U.S. weapon systems [Washington Post]

Pentagon expands cyber defense in the face of numerous cyber attacks [CBS News]

In 2010, China diverted more than 15 percent of Internet traffic onto its own servers [National Defense Magazine]

Wise Ways People are Helping Those in Need

Trading Spaces: Helping the Impoverished in Suburbia [Christianity Today]

How refugees from the Chin state of Burma helped resurrect a historic Richmond church, one family at a time [Style Weekly]

No Child Left to Die: Half of all babies born with HIV die by age 2. Could we stop that by 2015? [Christianity Today]

Why Christians in Richmond, Virginia, are choosing to send their children to struggling public schools [Christianity Today]

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Natural Emergencies and Christian Response to Them

A church takes in another congregation affected by Superstorm Sandy [World Magazine]

How Christians in NY helped Sandy victims [Hope for New York]

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