Joseph’s Way offers Workshops for churches and other groups, which last approximately four to six hours, and can be adjusted in length to meet church and group needs. The Workshops are designed to provide introductory information on some of these topics (such as financial and emergency planning), directing participants to other organizations and resources for further information.

Example Workshop Outline

The Workshops cover the following topics (subject to copyright ©), and will include time for class interaction, discussion, and a few practical in-class exercises.


What challenges are ahead of us (social, economic, and more)?

What opportunities will these challenges open up for the church?

How has our culture left us under-prepared for these challenges, and how can we prepare now so we can seize the opportunities that these challenges will create?

Spiritual Preparation

The critical importance of knowing that God is in control.

Understanding the biblical view of suffering.

Putting our hardships in context: what have believers endured in the past and overseas today?

Corporate and personal spiritual disciplines that equip us to serve.

Why giving our money and time are so important: they show where our hope really resides.

Financial and Physical Preparation

Preparing financially for what is ahead: prudent ways we can prepare for economic hardships.

The national debt will hit many people hard economically, and lessen the government's ability to help. What are wise ways the church can help people in need now, and later, that empower them and provide lasting change?

Ways that churches and families can prepare for natural and manmade emergencies:

How can I prepare to help my family, and my neighbors?

What can our church do to help others in the event of a disaster?

Why faith in God is so important even if we prepare:  our plans could fail.

How to prepare for weeks of power and supply disruptions, as families and churches.

Praying for Mercy for Our Country

Our country’s glory is not the goal:  God’s glory is.

God’s measuring sticks: they include the degree of revelation given to a nation, and why this should concern us.

Praying like sojourners: why this is such an important place to start.

Testimonials from Workshop Participants

“Preparing for disaster is a profoundly relevant and important concept to address. But far too often, the how-to’s of planning and preparing get bogged down in the mire of fear for the future and frustration with the present. Joseph’s Way’s sessions were a refreshing breath of fresh air on the topic of preparation. It highlighted how we as Christians can harness difficult situations to advance the hope and joy that only Jesus Christ can give. Instead of teaching mere survival, Joseph’s Way equips you to learn what it means to really live for Christ as we all prepare for challenges and for eternity with our loving Savior.”
B. Terry, Richmond, VA

“We attended the course and liked it a lot. It was Biblical, practical and a great overview for preparedness training. We would highly recommend it to anyone.” Craig Williams, Henrico, VA

"The Joseph's Way seminar addressed some of the most pressing issues of the future for Christians in America. I finished the class feeling better prepared spiritually and financially for what lies ahead." Adam McConnell, Richmond, VA

Photos from a Recent Workshop

More Testimonials from Workshop Participants

“I was recently privileged to participate in the class ‘Your money, storms, and more.’ I found the class content intriguing, and thought-provoking. The presenters were all excellent, providing lots of positive information. The focus on being prepared for whatever the future may bring was sensible and timely. The class proposed a moderate course of action - no ‘ostrich head in the sand’ nor ‘the sky is falling,’ offering various degrees of options. I think that this course should be offered again and again to raise awareness among believers.” Kathleen vE., Richmond, VA

"My wife and I attended this very interesting seminar hosted by Steve Hall. We always believed that we were good at materially preparing for difficult situations, but as we learned from attending the class that there is more to preparing then just the material side. Steve clearly presented how preparing for emergencies can be used to share the Gospel with our neighbors. Demonstrating Christ’s love in emergencies can be such a sweet expression of God's love during troubling times. The class not only taught practical advice, but also opened our eyes to see how God can use difficult times as an opportunity for every Christian to share both our spiritual and material gifts." David Bittenbender, Montpelier, VA


The cost of a Workshop includes travel expenses and a fee based on the size of the group.  All fees go to support Joseph’s Way. You can send a request for a Workshop by filling out the information below.

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