Learn Principles of Suburban Homesteading

Make your home more resilient, and a blessing to those around you.
Be a beacon, instead of building a bunker.

Suburban Homestead

“A video journal of my garden through the seasons. Bimonthly uploads with new content.”

Farmhouse on Boone

“Here I share food from scratch, natural living and a handmade home. I am passionate about simple and minimal living.”

Homesteading with the Zimmermans

Lessons learned from “farming and gardening with our Mennonite parents and grandparents.”

Additional Preparation Resources

Below are additional resources covering emergency food and water storage, water purification, medical needs, including a website to order a year of prescription medication at a time. If supply chains get disrupted here in the U.S. or overseas, these resources can help you and your family better weather the storm. Please share this webpage with neighbors, friends, or family who also want to make wise, prudent preparations.

Berkey Water Filters

“With our powerful gravity filtration method across six sizes, it’s official there’s a Berkey Water Filter for everyone.”


“Solar power generators, survival food kits, and more.”


“By using our Pharmacy, you can get your prescriptions for a year and save time and money. Getting your prescription yearly is a great way to get your prescription filled.”

The Patriot Nurse

“Your trusted resource for holistic health and medical preparedness.”